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Does your company need a Lean Six Sigma consultant?

the Test

1. Are your processes delivering the results you expected?

2. Do organized activities routinely happen as planned?

3. Are current problems being permanently solved?

4. Are process requirements capable, consistent, and communicated to everyone?

5. Do all employees understand their responsibility to do things right the first time?

6. Are all of your customers or representatives completely satisfied with your service at this time?

7. Do your customers view you as a reliable supplier – someone who provides them exactly what they want, when they want it, in an efficient, affordable manner?

8. Do associates know how to go about “making quality happen” and easy to implement?

9. Is management comfortable with the amount of time it takes for improvement efforts to deliver the increases in quality and throughput?

10. Does management know what to do to mobilize the workforce toward creating reliability?

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If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, you run the risk of losing business.
Let Tactical Quality Solutions provide you the tools to complete the job under budget, with a reliability advantage over your competitors. To thank you for considering our service, we will gladly send you, at no cost, a sample of your operation’s next award winning proposal. ATQS Sample Contract Proposal

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Once the essence of your company is to exceed customer expectations, perpetual innovation will be the company byline. Company recognition as the organization of choice by your customers and suppliers is our greatest reward.”
~Daniel Alvarez

It is a pleasure assisting company’s performance excellence Tactical Quality Solutions has been very fortunate to implement regulatory optimizations that have insured contract awards as noted on the testimonials page of this site.

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