Tactical Quality Solutions

Products go through cycles from growth to stability to obsolescence. What is not well understood is that business designs, too, go through cycles and will also reach economic obsolescence.

The customer will go where his economic needs will be better filled. This is beyond the quality of the product. Good quality with an outmoded business effectiveness strategy will not keep a customer with the company.

Approval Rating Attainment Need

To capture a multi-million dollar government contract, we established and completed a team responsibility tracking procedures structure within the allotted five weeks (including weekends), and attained the government contract which continues to be in place.

Develop Operations to Establish Contracted Service Success

Work cell progress for Lean Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen based improvements were made continuous. Contracted operation was recognized as efficient by customer mid-way through the contract and subsequent order doubled.

Update Operations Structure with Verifiable Outputs

Prepared operations for auditable spot inspection by customer at a moments notice. During a surprise visit to the Kansas facility a year later, the customer contacted me from Toronto and stated, “Their direction remains intact. You left them little room for error.”

Systems Certification Upgrade Need

Attained multiple press releases which depicted record setting certification upgrade and operations expansion while pursuing broader market due to industry downturn.

Quarter Million Dollar System Installation

Prior to safe removal of existing components, we approved the contents of five tractor-trailers, trained personnel, and installed programmable high-speed equipment over a 4 day holiday break.

We are seasoned in “all hands on deck” partnering for implementing the upcoming improvements you have in the planning stages to increase your competitive advantage.